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About Us

Welcome to Encore Books. Located at the Colonial Village Shopping Center on the corner of Heatherdowns Blvd and Key Street, our 4,500 sq. ft. store offers more than 100,000 books in either "like new" or "gently used" condition. We work hard to provide a customer-friendly atmosphere that is both comfortable and organized- chaos and invites you in, to browse or even read leisurely at one of our tables.

Shelves line the walls and center of our brightly-lit store with books arranged according to their categories, which includes general fiction, mystery, science fiction and romance novels; books from favorite "book clubs" list; books from current best-sellers lists; classics and contemporary literature; and books on tape.

In addition to popular fiction categories, we also carry a large array of books on topics ranging from:

  • parenting

  • religion & spirituality

  • politics & current events

  • history; crafts

  • travel

  • education

  • arts & entertainment

  • self-help: psychology

  • sports

  • career & life management

  • business & personal finance

  • new age & philosophy

  • hobbies & do-it-yourself projects

  • humor

  • biography & autobiographies

  • cultural studies

  • inspiration

  • health, diet & fitness

  • cookbooks

  • children's books

  • and more!

Books are arranged in an organized matter, so a particular author or title can be found. Books arrive daily, so if we don't have a title you're looking for, we can notify you when you do!

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